Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Homework Assignment: Film Critique

1) What is the principal purpose of this documentary?


The Corporation is a documentary that presents a well-informed 
discussion of the positive and negative influence of corporations in today’s society. A negative influence would be when the Nike corporation would start a factory in 3rd world countries, they would pay the employees next to nothing, and after a year or so, Nike would abandon the factory and move to a different company, this would cause loss of jobs, the employees would become poor again, and the factory would just sit there and take up space , and waste electricity.  The film's purpose is that, since the corporation has been given the rights of a legal person, we can evaluate what type of person it is. 

2) What does the film critique? How do you know that?


The film critiques corporations and they define what a corporation really is. They consider the corporation itself is a person in society. They also try to find out what type of person the corporation is and I know this because this film asks, "If a corporation is a person, what kind of a person is it?" You find out later in the film that the corporation is the type of person who has no regard for the safety of others, the type of person who is unpredictable and who harms society, the environment and the people around him or her. The film basically classifies the corporation as a psychopath, this is considered the mental characteristic of the corporation. If you look at how corporations act, they are psychopathic.

3) What methods did the filmmaker use to increase public awareness about Corporate responsibility and affect people’s beliefs and behaviour?


The filmmaker used media, TV (such as news reports), interviews with people within major corporations, news articles, commercials, ads, environmental pollution videos, and many other methods to increase public awareness about corporate. These interviews really affected people's behaviours because they were informed how much damage was done to crops, the environment, and people. One of the videos they used talked about when scientists discovered pesticides and other chemicals to help get rid of bugs in farmers fields, the chemicals would effect the birth of babies and cause deformities when the babies were born, one of them being a kid born without eyes.

4) Which methods of theirs did you think were most effective in supporting their position on corporate responsibility. Why?


I think that the interviews with the psychologists were most effective because they proved to the viewers that corporations are actually psychopaths by going through a personality diagnostic checklist and each corporation was given the diagnoses of a psychopath. Even people from the corporations being investigated, agreed that corporations were psychopaths. The definition of a psychopath is; a person who has the incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, has reckless disregard for the safety of others, one who repeatably lies to others in order to gain profit, has the incapacity to experience guilt, and fails to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours. 

5) Did you have any issues with this documentary? What were some parts that you did not agree with, or question. Why? 


I didn't have any issues with the documentary because I agreed with all of what the documentary said and proved, such as the fact that corporations are psychopaths. I believe that corporations are psychopaths because corporations try to cover up all the bad things they have done, they lie about things they have done, they even bribe people to stop trying to reveal any of their secrets. So many corporations have been fined for fraud, illegal exporting, environmental violations, anti trust violations, etc. who could one, not believe that a corporation is a psychopath.

6) Describe another film you have watched that had an impact on your values. How and why did that happen?


The movie Come What May:This movie really impacted how I saw a baby as a human and not a fetus when the baby is in the mothers womb. It also made me more aware of abortion and that an abortion can still take place when just a single toe is still in the mothers womb.

Animator Research Assignment

Biography of Otto Messmer

Otto Messmer was born on August 16,1892 in West Hoboken, New Jersey (now Union City). He became well known for his work on the Felix the Cat cartoons and comic strips produced by the Pat Sullivan studio.

As a kid, Messmer attended Holy Family Parochial School, and had a love of vaudeville (a theatrical genre of variety entertainment) and the entertainment industry instilled in him by his parents and teachers, beginning at a young age. He attended the Thomas School of Art in New York City from 1911 to 1913, and participated in a work-study program with the Acme Agency, where he did his illustrations for fashion catalogs.

 He was inspired by Winsor McCay's animated films, one of them being How a Mosquito Operates, Mesmer started to created his own comics for local newspapers in 1912, the same year he met his wife, Anne Mason, who became his wife in 1934. One of Messmer's comics, Fun, ran as part of the Sunday comics' page for the New York World.

He signed a deal with Jack Cohn of Universal studios in 1915 to produce a test film of a character Messmer created called Motor Mat. Unfortunately the film was never released but it drew the of animator Pat Sullivan, but Messmer decided to go to work with Henry "Hy" Mayer, a well-known cartoonist at the time. Messmer and Mayer created a successful animated series called The Travels of Teddy, which was based on the life of Teddy Roosevelt. Messmer also worked with a few other people, one of them being Pat Sullivan, but when Sullivan was sentenced to 9 months in prison in 1917, Messmer returned to work with Mayer until he was drafted into WW1.

When Messmer returned home from the war in 1919, he visited Sullivan's Studio, where he was hired by director Earl Hurd of Paramount Screen Magazine for a cartoon short that would accompany a feature film. The end result was Feline Follies, which would feature Master Tom, a black cat that brought good luck to people in trouble - an obvious prototype to Messmer's future Felix character. Before Master Tom was released, Messmer created and developed Felix, which was revealed first. Felix became a licensed, mass merchandised character, and after those few years of hard work, it seemed like the young cartoonist was on his way to the top.

Messmer, while working for Pat Sullivan, created Felix the Cat – the first true animated cartoon and comic strip character, revolutionary in its own right. Felix had a distinctive personality, typical mannerisms and an incredible charm that made him incredibly popular, earning him a unique place in modern culture.
Messmer drew all the Felix the Cat cartoon strips and directed many Felix animated shorts, but studio head Pat Sullivan continued to take the sole credit for Felix, earning millions in royalties, while the unassuming Messmer continued to receive his usual salary at the studios. Messmer fought for many years to gain credit for his Felix the Cat cartoon, and he eventually won. 

Additional Information
Felix the Cat was the first image ever to be transmitted across television airwaves. NBC studios tested the first RCA television camera on a rotating Felix the Cat doll in 1928. Felix the Cat was selected for his recognizably and his strong, simple black and white design, and perhaps because he was known as a good luck charm. 

Felix the Cat was also the first cartoon character to be made into a parade balloon in 1933 at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Ball Animation and Reflection

I used Adobe Flash Professional CC for this assignment instead of Adobe Photoshop CC.

Some of the techniques I used in Adobe Flash Professional are:
  • Inserting frames, and keyframes into the animation.
  • Create a ball with a custom design.
  • Add a layer for sound, and play and stop the sound at the correct time.
Idea or Concept:
My main idea was to animate a ball to bounce twice and on the second bounce it will turn into a tadpole, jump into the lake, and make a splash into the water. 

Mr. Crawford helped me to make the make the ball animation realistic and follow all the principles of animation. He also helped me to get the timing and arcs of the ball to be seamless and perfect. He also told me that i needed to change the lake to an oval shape so that it looked like the tadpole actually landed in the lake and not on top of it. 

My personal motivation to complete this assignment was to learn how to create a good animation that followed the principles of animation, I also wanted to learn how to create a seamless, graphical animation that I would enjoy. I wanted to explore the idea of creating my own graphics and making fit to the animation.

Critical Assessment:
I think that the background and the water splashing animation was most successful. I really was surprised how well I was able to create the background, the ball, and the splash animation.

If i had more time, I would make the tadpole jump out of the water and change into a full grown frog, and then make the frog stick its tongue out and catch a fly.

Photoshop Animation Brainstorm

Background: Will be a sunny park with hills, trees, and a lake.

Ball Design: Will be a green ball with a red eye.

Ball Animation: The ball will bounce twice and on the second bounce it will turn into a tadpole and jump into the lake.

Various Bounces, Stretches, and arcs:

Monday, 4 May 2015

Spirited Away Questions

Spirited Away Critique

After watching the film choose 2 questions from the list to answer and hand in on May 4th.
2. Through Chihiro’s transformation from miserable little girl to courageous adventurer, the film suggests that the world of the spirits is necessary to help us live in the everyday world, that spiritual development is part of the solution to environmental crises. What do you think about this?
Answer: I think that we do need to build up our spirituality because it will help guide you to take the right path and not the wrong path. Your spirituality helps build up your character and helps build up your confidence.
3. Many of the film’s characters are related to fresh water: Haku, the Sludge Monster, Yubaba. The main action of the film takes place in a bathhouse, where spirits come to relax and refresh themselves in water. Chihiro’s family enters the spirit world by crossing a body of water. Chihiro and Haku first met at an incident in a river. How can the film’s preoccupation with water help us to understand the planetary water crisis?
Answer: The movie shows that in our world today, there is plenty of clean, healthy water, but there is also a lot of polluted water, a lot of filthy water, especially in 3rd world countries. 

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Video Game Recreation Reflection

Some of the techniques I used in Adobe Flash Professional are:
  • Drawing objects and then turning them into different symbols like Movie clips, Graphics, and Buttons.
  • Insert frames, keyframes, motion tweens, and shape tweens in the animations.
  •  Edit an object and add multiple layers to it.
  • Create and code buttons to jump to different frames.
  • Change a buttons mouse up, mouse down, and mouse hover states.
  • Add actions/code to a specific object and/or frame.
  • Change the opacity of game objects.
Idea or Concept:
My main idea was to recreate flappy bird to show the influences of polution and how it can affect our environment. I wanted to add smoke to come out of the chimney objects that the bird has to avoid, and make the smoke damage the bird and take away health from the bird, but i didn't have enough time. I was originally going to use the premade game that Mrs. George gave to us to use, but it wouldn't let me change the graphics of the bird. So i created the game from scratch, i started over and in the long run it looks and works a lot better.

YouTube, and adobe.com, I never used adobe flash before so i learned it by myself, and learned the different ways to add animations, make the bird jump, etc

My personal motivation to complete this assignment was to learn how to use adobe flash and to recreate a version of flappy bird that would be fun and a little challenging. I also wanted to make the game look and function nicely.

I wanted to explore how to create good looking animations and graphics.

Critical Assessment:
I think that the background and the game text was most successful. I really was surprised how well adobe flash worked for creating games and animations.

If i had more time, I would add a sound effect for the bird jumping, crashing into pipes, collecting points. I would also add background music and make the game randomly generate the layout of the level.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Facebook cover photo and profile photo Assignment

I was able to scale it to my facebook, so just check it out there or look at this picture.