Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Homework Assignment: Film Critique

1) What is the principal purpose of this documentary?


The Corporation is a documentary that presents a well-informed 
discussion of the positive and negative influence of corporations in today’s society. A negative influence would be when the Nike corporation would start a factory in 3rd world countries, they would pay the employees next to nothing, and after a year or so, Nike would abandon the factory and move to a different company, this would cause loss of jobs, the employees would become poor again, and the factory would just sit there and take up space , and waste electricity.  The film's purpose is that, since the corporation has been given the rights of a legal person, we can evaluate what type of person it is. 

2) What does the film critique? How do you know that?


The film critiques corporations and they define what a corporation really is. They consider the corporation itself is a person in society. They also try to find out what type of person the corporation is and I know this because this film asks, "If a corporation is a person, what kind of a person is it?" You find out later in the film that the corporation is the type of person who has no regard for the safety of others, the type of person who is unpredictable and who harms society, the environment and the people around him or her. The film basically classifies the corporation as a psychopath, this is considered the mental characteristic of the corporation. If you look at how corporations act, they are psychopathic.

3) What methods did the filmmaker use to increase public awareness about Corporate responsibility and affect people’s beliefs and behaviour?


The filmmaker used media, TV (such as news reports), interviews with people within major corporations, news articles, commercials, ads, environmental pollution videos, and many other methods to increase public awareness about corporate. These interviews really affected people's behaviours because they were informed how much damage was done to crops, the environment, and people. One of the videos they used talked about when scientists discovered pesticides and other chemicals to help get rid of bugs in farmers fields, the chemicals would effect the birth of babies and cause deformities when the babies were born, one of them being a kid born without eyes.

4) Which methods of theirs did you think were most effective in supporting their position on corporate responsibility. Why?


I think that the interviews with the psychologists were most effective because they proved to the viewers that corporations are actually psychopaths by going through a personality diagnostic checklist and each corporation was given the diagnoses of a psychopath. Even people from the corporations being investigated, agreed that corporations were psychopaths. The definition of a psychopath is; a person who has the incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, has reckless disregard for the safety of others, one who repeatably lies to others in order to gain profit, has the incapacity to experience guilt, and fails to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours. 

5) Did you have any issues with this documentary? What were some parts that you did not agree with, or question. Why? 


I didn't have any issues with the documentary because I agreed with all of what the documentary said and proved, such as the fact that corporations are psychopaths. I believe that corporations are psychopaths because corporations try to cover up all the bad things they have done, they lie about things they have done, they even bribe people to stop trying to reveal any of their secrets. So many corporations have been fined for fraud, illegal exporting, environmental violations, anti trust violations, etc. who could one, not believe that a corporation is a psychopath.

6) Describe another film you have watched that had an impact on your values. How and why did that happen?


The movie Come What May:This movie really impacted how I saw a baby as a human and not a fetus when the baby is in the mothers womb. It also made me more aware of abortion and that an abortion can still take place when just a single toe is still in the mothers womb.

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